Zhejiang Dragon Chemical Group Company

About Us

Since 1989, Dragon chemical focus on manufacturing and marketing high quality organic intermediates and functional chemicals. Till now, Dragon chemical has set up matured and open management system, more and more talent joining, broadening production capacity, great variety of products series, high-efficient logistic services and regarding company reputation as living root. In our fast development of 20 years, we got fully confidence and support from many customers in worldwide. In the future, we will keep conforming to our long-term strategy of innovation, continuous operational improvements and full cooperation, perfecting defected and outdated system for growing step by step.

If you need our cooperation in dyes&pigments intermediates, hair colorants, polymer monomers, pharmaceutical intermediates&agrochemical intermediates, plastic, electronic and polymer intermediates, imaging&photo film intermediates and function chemicals, we will be in your favor of delivering good-quality products on time.

Dragon Chemical Group will be always your worthy-trusted partner in organic synthesis from China.

For more informationyou could directly download our PDF docs for your easy-understanding our actual situation
Hope it is helpful for our cooperation,please open it at:Dragon-chem PDF
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