Zhejiang Dragon Chemical Group Company

Management system

As an increasing matured company, focusing on high quality organic intermediates and functional chemicals, is absorbing new management talents and cancelling the outdated internal system all the time. And now we have set up strict and efficient system to keep our function running smoothly.

1, Production management

Certified ISO9001:2000
22 multi-purpose production lines & 1 pilot plants.
Semi-GMP workshop available.
DDP delivery, warehousing, consignment stocks.

2, QC management

We are dedicated to premium quality.

  • ISO9001:2000 certified in 2001
  • Audited by leading companies of the cosmetics, imaging, textiles and coatings industries.

3, HSE management

We remain committed to meet all local and international environmental compliance laws and to ensure the health and safety of our employees.

  • ISO14001 certified in end of 2007
  • OHSMS18001 certified in end of 2007
  • Training programs

4, Quality management

Quality is the life of Dragon Chemical.
Our complete test method, optical process, strict in-process control and strict raw materials procurement guarantee our quality products. We have been certified as ISO9001:2000 in Aug'2001. Regularly audited by external organization and our customers. Engaged in analysis for the quality of production activities, from raw materials to finished products. Responsible for the guidance and management of whole company's quality assurance activities of the entire company to guarantee the compliance with the related laws, regulations and ISO standard. By technology innovation, scientific management, continuous improvement to meet and exceed customer's expectation.

  • Possessing a complete Q/A system.
  • Offering Q/A service.



> Pilot Plant Equipments
> QA&QC Equipment
> Production Management
> QC management
> HSE management
> Quality management
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